産品詳情Product Details

用途与简介/Brief Introduction


NF - 3000 optical fiber laser marking machine is currently the world's most advanced laser marking equipment. Can be widely used in a variety of assembly line marking and high-speed static marking flight industry, can meet a variety of high precision, high efficiency laser marking needs, the use of the world's leading level fiber laser and imported parts, marking of high precision, fast speed, stable performance and life of 100000 hours.



Laser in the optical wave oscillation, low dissipation, good stability and is not affected by external dust gas and mechanical looseness, the output of a laser beam is stable.


maintenance free operation, 100000 hours of free maintenance.


 processing speed, processing speed is 2 to 3 times the traditional laser marking machine.

◆全風冷光纤激光器、无耗材 、低维护、光电转化率高、功耗小(≤800W)、使用成本底。

wind cooling fiber laser, no supplies, low maintenance, high photoelectric conversion rate, low consumption (800 w) or less, use cost.


integration design, small size (there are a whole cabinet and portable optional).


environmental adaptation ability strong, can be in vibration, shock, dust, humidity environment, such as continuous work, easy to implement with optical fiber coupling, which can realize remote work.


Bar code, qr code, graphics, text rules and irregular marking serial number, etc 

技术参数/technical parameters:

激光輸出功率laser output power


光束質量optical quality

M2: <2

激光波長 optical maser wavelength


冷卻方式type of cooling

風冷forced air cooling

脈沖頻率pulse frequency

20KHz -100KHz

打標範圍 Marking area

110mm×110mm (可訂制)110 mm * 110 mm (can be customized)

雕刻線速Engraving speed


雕刻深度Engraving depth


線寬minimum line width


字符Min character

Min character

重複精度 Repeat Accuracy


供電要求Power supply


整機功率Machine Power


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